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Dr. Philip is one of the leading experts in Traditional Medicine and Chinese Medicine in the Philippines. Currently, he is a Clinical Associate Professor in the University of the Philippines College of Medicine and is Director of Acupuncture Services at The Medical City.

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Patient Feedback

Can acupuncture help with your problems? From shoulder pain, back pain, to other chronic problems, click to read what others have to say about acupuncture and how it has helped them.

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Click here to see some videos featuring Dr. Tan-Gatue. From lecture excerpts to television appearances, you can check them out in this section.

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Fibromyalgia can lead to mood problems.

Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia: What is it? Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is one of the most common diagnoses encountered in any general medicine clinic.  The Mayo Clinic defines it as: Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way

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Varicose Veins, photo courtesy WebMD (http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/understanding-varicose-veins-basics)

Acupuncture for Varicose Veins

Acupuncture for Varicose Veins I have been asked several times if acupuncture can be used for varicose veins.  So, here I am, my first post for 2015! Varicose veins are defined as: (courtesy http://www.patient.co.uk/health/varicose-veins-leaflet) Varicose veins are enlarged (dilated) sections of veins which are located just under the surface of the skin – usually on

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Acupuncture for COPD

Acupuncture for COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, is defined as Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the name for a collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways disease. The UK National Health Service elaborates on it thus: (link) People with COPD have difficulties breathing, primarily due to the narrowing

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Acupuncture Study on Heart Rate Variability Proves True Acupuncture Better Than Sham

Real Acupuncture Better Than Sham Longtime followers of my blog will note that I have one basic underlying theme covering a good portion of the posts. Namely, that scientific evidence shows the difference between needling in true acupuncture points as opposed to non acupuncture points; and that needling produces different effects than merely touching the

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Meridian Style Acupuncture for Headache Lecture Available on eLotus.org

As it turns out, my lecture on Elotus.org can be viewed for free online.  The title is “Meridian Approach for Treating Headaches  & Migraines”.  Just sign up for an account. Click the link: http://www.elotus.org/free-course/meridian-approach-treating-headaches-migraines Am hoping to work with them more in the future!


6th Annual Acupuncture Convention

Courtesy Trisha Sanijon: The Philippine Academy of Acupuncture, Inc. (PAAI) is inviting you to attend its 6th Annual Scientific Convention on November 20, 2014 (Thursday) at the Lung Center Auditorium, Quezon City with the theme “Building Capacities for Good Acupuncture Practice.” The convention will feature updates and guidelines on the certification and accreditation process for

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Acupuncture for Varicocele: A Case

Documenting the Varicocele A while back, I blogged about the use of acupuncture to reduce the size of gallstones in a patient. (link) Right now, we present another case with documentation.  I was approached by a patient some weeks ago with a diagnosis of varicoele.  Here is the first ultrasound. Acupuncture for varicocoele Four weeks

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